August 22, 2017

DIY Centerpieces for any Occasion

Looking to create a personal and stunning touch to your table? We’ve put together centerpieces that fit any occasion.

Simple, clean and minimalist glass vases with white or pink roses or hydrangeas will always create a romantic setting. This arrangement is perfect when various sized vessels are used with like typed flowers arranged together along a table. Complete the look with a variety of elegant candles and a subtle runner.

For a more modern but still classic look, add a a few lanterns or bird cages to your table.



For a bright and stunning setup, consider a mixture of various roses or peonies in tall, clear vases. Fish bowl vessels can also be used as an alternative for a more intimate setting.

To create a quirky setting, make use of mismatched or tinted vases.



Make use of translucent vessels  with natural arrangements that feature greenery such as seeded eucalyptus. Add  like toned fruit, squash or pine cone, and vintage props to complete the look.

Perfect for rustic table settings and relaxed picnics.

For an alternative look, make use of copper tones or clear mason jars, with twine.









Add an edible touch to your decor with centerpieces that feature fruits and sweets. Create a charming and romantic table with various vases and plates that contain a blend of fresh edibles and flowers.

Let us know which of these centerpieces you’ll be trying out for your special occasion.


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